The best bowl for your best friend!

Keep your pet hydrated and your home clean with this innovative water bowl, easy to clean and ideal for home use or travel.

Splash-proof Bowl


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Hydration and Cleaning


Your pet will be happy, as the bowl provides enough water and controls intake, helping to prevent vomiting and unwanted swallowing. In addition, it keeps dust, dirt, and pet hair out of the water.

"Since I bought this bowl for my dog, he drinks much more water. And the best part is there are no more puddles of water on the floor. Thank you, Deannoo!"
Joana Sanches

Why choose the Splash-proof Bowl

Guaranteed Hygiene

Keep your pet's water clean from dirt, hair, and dust with this innovative bowl.

Total Practicality

Easy to clean and transport, it's perfect for home use and traveling with your pet.

Safe Drinking

Control water intake and prevent vomiting and unwanted swallowing with its unique design.

+ Hygiene and - waste

It's not just a matter of health and quality when drinking water, you also keep the house clean and avoid wasting water.

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Other considerations!

Pet Hair-Free

No matter how furry your best friend is, they won't ingest hair while drinking water.

Use for Food

Simply remove the top part and you can use it to pour the pet's food.

Multiple animals

Dogs and cats are the most common for using the bowl, but it is also suitable for rabbits.

More Water.
More Life.
More Love.

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